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The Ferrés - Natural Environment
A restored eighteenth century farmhouse, located in Joanetes, in the Bas Valley surrounded by forests of beech, oak and oak meadows and grazing herds.
Discover Nature just one step

Its privileged situation at the foot of the Sierra Puigsacalm and Lancers, together with the stream of Joanetes and surrounded by forests of beech, oak and oak meadows and grazing herds. To enjoy the rural charm of sightseeing in Catalonia and the Pyrenees of Girona, to discover the Fageda d'en Jorda, the Natural Park of the Volcanic Area of ​​the Garrotxa and its peoples.

Activities from The Ferrés

Within a broad valley at the foot of Puigsacalm, sunny and with a variety of landscapes, offers the possibility of all kinds of recreational, cultural and nature in the best example of volcanic landscape activities. Ballooning. Hiking, walking trails to the most interesting places in the Natural Park. Mountain bike routes, one of the best places to practice cycling. Visit the Regional Museum, Volcanoes Olot and Saints.


The Lletissonada is a traditional mountain race which takes place in spring, their dates ranging between May 4 and May 6. The EXCURSIONISTA GROUP CULTURAL AND CLIMBER (GECA) of Sant Esteve d'en Bas, is a classic Catalan entity in the world known hiker organizer LLETISSONADA underway since 1980.

The Living Nativity Joanetes

Every year for Christmas, the people of Joanetes becomes a magical pesebrística icon that attracts and moves astonished thousands of visitors. What started as a small representation of few scenes in the garden of the rectory of the church, has become a great scenery that leaves no corner of the village. Mobilized more than four hundred people and recalls wonderfully dignified and more than fifty own Christmas scenes. JOANETES revives the illusion of Christmas from the village center to every corner of his privileged environment. A particularly symbolic and very nice item for these dates, is assembling the star lit world's largest. It is registered in the Guiness Records llbre and every year, the people of Bethlehem installs on top of the mountain Santa Magdalena.


Tracks of volcanoes mountain bike will take you to the most beautiful places in the region and enjoy the cuisine of the area, all with the assurance specialists SHERPATOUR TRACKS mountain bike routes and TREKING.

We want you to find your pleasant stay in our house. So we offer a range of activities that attempt to make it possible. And if something is of interest we can comment, especially if you have any special activity. You may easily contact us through contacts below.
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